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Writing Road Trip 2022 – North Carolina

The fourth state on my writing road trip was NORTH CAROLINA!

I had the opportunity to visit with Penelope and her incredible family (Nick, Mary, and young Austin)…and they have an amazing doggo named Beowuff and three spectacular kitties.

Then I scooted down the road to visit with her sister Valerie (and her husband Ray). They have a kitty named Snow that I wanted to love me.

Such incredible conversations (and Penelope and I enjoyed the Van Gogh immersion exhibit, which was seriously life-changing).

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Writing Road Trip 2022 – South Carolina

The third state on my writing road trip was SOUTH CAROLINA!

I stopped for coffee with an old and dear friend named Nic O’Demus…we didn’t get a photo for reasons. I tripped on down the road to spend time with Elizabeth (Lizzy), her husband Jim, and their best friend Chris. They were a riot!

From there, I headed to my darling Cynthia and spent a couple of days talking non-stop with her and her sweetheart of an adult son, Kellen.

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Writing Road Trip 2022 – Georgia

The second state in my writing road trip was GEORGIA!

I stayed with the brilliant and way-too-cool Bella Roccaforte…a friend and fellow author. She was kind enough to let me crash in her house and give me tons of marketing advice.

She even sent me home with an original PAINTING (that is now hanging on my wall above my bed).

Love you huge, Bella. Thank you!

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Writing Road Trip 2022 – Florida

The first state for my writing road trip was FLORIDA! I stayed with some amazing friends in Coral Springs (thank you, Sarah) and mentally prepared for something very different from my usual life.

Then I officially got on the road and visited with Susan, Debra, Monique, and Raechel.

It was a whirlwind few days as I figured out how to do the crazy thing I planned. These women were gentle, kind, and generous with me. They eased me into the craziness and I felt stronger for having taken the leap of faith.

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New Website – Who Dis?

My beautiful website was horribly hacked…to the point that my old hosting company threw up their hands with a “we got nothing” attitude. So. I’m forced to start again. There are no stories or posts here yet. I’m in the midst of my trip so this will be a slow creation this time. In the meantime, I hope you’ll follow me at the links below!

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