“Every secret of a writer’s soul, every experience of his life, every quality of his mind, is written large in his works.” Virginia Woolf

TBS Anniversary | Max + Micah

A New Friend London – August 1985 Sometimes, when really bad things happened, it made you realize what you were made of.  Then again, sometimes, you got your ass kicked. Max Scottsdale was preparing for yet another ass kicking. He always fought back but it usually didn’t do any good. [Read More...]

TBS Anniversary | Sean

March 2012 A lot of bullshit brought Sean Denning to the current moment in his life.  To a point where his mouse hovered over the submit button on an unorthodox project he’d somehow gotten involved in and couldn’t imagine walking away from now.  He remembered the first survey on The [Read More...]

Good Part | A Short Story

A big winter storm was brewing and Pru needed to get everything tied down before it hit. She spent the day scrambling from one area of the farm to the other.  Moving the tractor, her truck, and a few farm tools into the workshop, she turned off her gas and [Read More...]

Monster | A Short Story

There are moments that change the course of your existence for the better. That make you grow in new and fascinating ways. Then there are moments that make you a monster. I became a monster when I was four years old. I didn’t know it at the time. I didn’t [Read More...]

Glitch | A Short Story

When Cara was a girl and life was simple, she’d chased her best friend up the old stone stairs in the woods.  No one knew who made them. They didn’t lead anywhere. They wound through the woods, up the hill, and simply…stopped. One minute, they were laughing and playing together [Read More...]

Smile of a Killer | A Short Story

It was easy to disappear in places considered “underdeveloped” by the rest of the world. Even in a rich country, there were enclaves of humans who were self-sustaining and off society’s radar.  Lonnie was very good at hiding. He’d been doing it for a long time. Since the night he [Read More...]

The Bridge | A Short Story

Since Tiny was a little girl – not that she was very big now – she came to this bridge to talk to her dead mama and daddy.  Her parents died here before the county put up guard rails. They slipped off the icy surface and into the river below. [Read More...]

Unconditional | A Short Story

He didn’t have much but he had his dog.  No matter that folks thought he was strung out, crazy, and dirty…Shadow loved him like none of that was true. Every day, he begged for money. The first thing he did was get his boy two hot dogs at the corner [Read More...]

Long Night | A Short Story

Wick had to get home before the sun was fully up. Had to be back in her bed before her dad came home from his graveyard shift.  Shaking and filthy, she drove the old car her grandmama gave her back to their little town. She pulled behind the house and [Read More...]

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