Free Romance Stories from Shayne McClendon

As an author, I’m incredibly prolific. That’s not a theory, that’s a fact.

I have many free romance stories (and some that will twist your head around as anti-romance) here on the website. I hope you’ll check them out.

At the time of this writing, I currently have 25 books available on Amazon as Shayne McClendon. Country romances, dramatic romances, sports romances, and so much more.

I’m most well-known for my Barter System series but I’d like you to check out all the other stories I’ve written, too.

Two of my favorites are Completely Wrecked and The Hermit. They don’t have the sexual content of some of my work but the stories…they get you right in the feels.

This year, I’m doing things a little bit differently.

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Drifting | A Short Story

He watched as the balloons floated higher and higher on the most perfect day of the summer. A day of sunshine and cool breezes and ice cream and laughter.

He loved the trees here but he was glad the balloons wouldn’t hit them. He was glad they wouldn’t pop. He was curious about how long he could watch them until they were out of sight.

They were pink balloons but in the sunlight, they looked gold. Bright gold because it was his wife’s favorite color. While some people made gold seem cheap or like they were trying too hard, Monica knew exactly how to use it on furniture, stationary, and herself that made people sigh in pleasure.

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Let’s Talk Love

Today is the first Valentine’s Day I’ve been truly without a significant other in almost 25 years. Before you feel bad for me…don’t.

Love – real love – arrives in many different forms and from lots of different sources.

Everyone knows about romantic love, the love of another man or woman that’s the motivation for thousands of songs, movies, books, and so forth. It’s easily recognizable. Many people feel incomplete without it but most of what we’re taught about love is unrealistic.

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