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Choice of Subject CoverI’m excited to give you a behind-the-scenes look at how Riya O’Connell chose her final eight Subjects to participate in “The Barter System.”

You’re going to love the men involved in her research and “Choice of Subjects” gives you a chance to know them before Miss O’Connell ever leaves her home in South Florida for the journey that changes her life.

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An Evening Out | A Short Story

tumblr_lxaggzzKiV1r3w115o1_500She smiled when he approached her outside the restaurant and introduced himself.  He was good looking, articulate, and charming.  With manners above reproach and a sharp wardrobe, she knew he was what most women her age would sacrifice everything to find.

They chatted over decent Italian and outstanding wine for hours.  There was none of that awkward silence most people in their situation talked about experiencing when they returned to the dating world after years of marriage.  He knew a little about a lot of subjects and his sense of humor was always evident.  She laughed hysterically when he relayed a particularly funny story about his cat.

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Running Errands | A Short Story

Running Errands - A Short SToryA tap on her shoulder in line at the post office made her glance back.  A gorgeous man who was several inches taller stared down into her face.  She instinctively returned it.  He looked a few years older and in far better physical shape than she was.

“I’m sorry to bother you,” he said in a deep voice that made the hair stand up on the back of her neck, “but you wouldn’t happen to have a pen I could borrow, would you?  None of these work.”

“Of course.”  She dug in her bag and handed him one.  With a wink, he bent to address the envelope.  His handwriting was neater than any man she’d ever seen.  She mentioned it and he chuckled.

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Finding Jordan | A Short Story

Finding Jordan GraphicThere was a time…when she was very young…that she imagined she’d be a concert pianist. Life, and so many expectations, had gotten in the way of that dream and she’d set it aside as a childish whim.

Then she met Albert and there was no time for childish things. A business associate of her older brother’s, Albert was “up and coming” in the finance world and required quite specific things from the woman in his life.

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Rage | A Short Story

Rage GraphicSometimes the rage would take him, almost break him, and he wouldn’t be sure he would make it through.  The fury felt like flames on the back of his neck.  The memories of that period in his life, the humiliation, the pain…they overwhelmed him and he couldn’t figure out which way was up.

Those there the precious moments he appreciated his lover more than ever before.  When all he wished to do was fight, claw, and bite, Roarke brought him back.  Showed him the way back to his sanity when he doubted it existed.

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