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3- Joshua

Character Interview | Joshua

<< Go Back to The Barter System Friend and fellow author Christopher Southers of Wicked Dreams Emporium asked to conduct a character interview for The Barter System blog tour that was off the beaten path. I was impressed. I think you will be, too. As part of Shayne McClendon's blog tour, … Continue Reading...


Payback | A Short Story by Shayne McClendon

One fucking night. Was that too much to ask? Gloria wanted one night to hang out with her friends, to have a few drinks, to relax. God, she had to move out of this town if she was ever going to get any peace. They’d been divorced for eight years – when was he going to leave her alone? When … Continue Reading...

SM - No Doubts (ms graphic)

No Doubts | A Short Story by Shayne McClendon *Explicit*

Antonia answered her cell on the first ring, thinking it could be Devin. “Toni Hyatt.” There was a long pause and Toni glanced at her cell to determine the caller. It wasn’t Devin. She thought she might know who it was but, as she’d learned during debate in college, she remained silent. It was … Continue Reading...