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Happy Mother's Day 2015

Happy Mother’s Day from Shayne

I'm a mother of three. I have a gorgeous son and two beautiful daughters. I've been through the ringer in a lot of ways with (and over) my kids. I've been up - way up - and there are times I've been down so low I didn't think I could climb out of … [Click to Read More...]

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SM - PENANCE (ms graphic)

Penance | A Short Story by Shayne McClendon *Explicit*

Fair warning, this is an M/M story. That means, in plain English, sexual activity between two men. If that is a turn-off for you, skip this one (and definitely don't freak out on me...I love writing stories about men). For all you women out there who secretly love stories like this…enjoy. Troy … Continue Reading...


Payback | A Short Story by Shayne McClendon

One fucking night. Was that too much to ask? Gloria wanted one night to hang out with her friends, to have a few drinks, to relax. God, she had to move out of this town if she was ever going to get any peace. They’d been divorced for eight years – when was he going to leave her alone? When … Continue Reading...

SM - Trust (ms graphic)

Trust | A Short Story by Shayne McClendon

"Do you need a ride?" She heard the deep voice with a trace of British flavor and it pulled her from her thoughts. Glancing up...and up...she took in the sight of the businessman who'd just come out of the building behind her. His suit jacket was folded over the same arm that held a slim laptop … Continue Reading...

SM - Curb Appeal (ms graphic 2)

Curb Appeal | A Short Story by Shayne McClendon

The house was orange. Why was her house orange? Vivien Rorie slowly got out of her car and stared around her in confusion. She looked at the number on the porch. It was her house. When she left ten hours before, the house was the same boring white it was when she bought it last year. The … Continue Reading...


Caught in the Middle | A Short Story by Shayne McClendon

Fuck them both. For three years, they’ve been fightin’ over me. Competin’ in some game where they were the only ones who knew the rules. I’m stuck in the middle and as of today, right now, I have nothin’ to show for it. I’ve had it. I’m gettin’ the hell out of this town. Away from them and … Continue Reading...