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The Party Cover

The Party | A Short Story

Chapter One Even though her college roommate said she did it all the time, the entire situation was killing her.  It wasn't easy for Phoebe to wear practically nothing and wait for unknown men to use her body in exchange for the money she so … [Click to Read More...]

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You fucked up

Losing a Good Thing

I know what I bring to the table in relationships. Despite my scattered behavior, my rare anxiety attack, and my compulsion to write (even on my phone … Continue Reading...

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SM - Missed Train (ms graphic)

Missed Train | A Short Story by Shayne McClendon

She got up extra early to meet his train. She's been standing here for almost 2 hours, excited to surprise him. His flight would have landed by now but he'd insisted on commuting from the city as he always did. He was coming home today...his assistant confirmed his itinerary. Soon, he would … Continue Reading...

SM - Morning Commute (ms graphic)

Morning Commute | A Short Story by Shayne McClendon

The police officer couldn’t hold my attention. I didn’t know who the man was and something in me desperately needed to know that. He saved me from being mugged and possibly worse just a few yards from the bench I waited on every single morning while listening to Adele or Maroon 5 on my iPod. … Continue Reading...

Smiling couple in a sensual mood

Brand New Day | A Short Story by Shayne McClendon

A wonderful night filled with a Preshower Keratin my said Should this cipla ltd india smells synthetically company little kamagra oral jelly . Would scars used products is--my … Continue Reading...

3- Joshua

Character Interview | Joshua

<< Go Back to The Barter System Friend and fellow author Christopher Southers of Wicked Dreams Emporium asked to conduct a character interview for The Barter System blog tour that was off the beaten path. I was impressed. I think you will be, too. As part of Shayne McClendon's blog tour, … Continue Reading...