IMG_1543.JPGOctober 21st of 2014, a dog found his way to my house after I suspect he was dumped by his previous owner.

Injured and afraid, he didn’t so much as growl, much less bite as I got him home and installed in my garage to keep him from being pummeled by my other dogs while healing.

I promptly christened him Maximus because he’s a fighter with a heart of gold.

I’m sitting cross-legged on the floor of my garage as I write this. He’s got his head on my lap. Every so often, he licks my hands as I hold my phone.

Tomorrow he’s going to the vet. I hope his injuries are minimal as I believe, and that he will find himself up and around like the young dog he is.

As for what happens after that…I could say I’ll work to find him a good home but I admit that I’m pretty attached already. I’m a marshmallow.

I’ll keep you posted!

Much love,

UPDATE: Maximus has found a home with my oldest child, my son Ethan. At the end of August, he moved out and into his first place. He is a major animal lover and after two months, thought a dog would make it feel more like “home” to him.

They’ve been together for three days and Max has a new lease on life. Though I was (already) attached, I think the two of them are an excellent fit. I love that my son takes the dog *everywhere* with him in his old truck. It’s adorable. The vet confirmed that he’s in excellent health other than his injuries and is about 8 months old. Taken in, healed up, adopted to someone who understands what it means to love a dog. All good things.



It was the last play of their season and the final touchdown of Tucker Irvin’s career.

Putting him back on the field as the starting quarterback hadn’t been enough to take them to the Super Bowl, but he’d managed to save the last few games from the over-confident rookie.

The young man for whom team management had unceremoniously benched him to promote.  The powers-that-be finally tired of their shiny new toy – drafted for a ridiculous sum out of Oklahoma State – after ten back-to-back losses.  They put Tuck in for the six games leading up to playoffs.

His offensive line knew him well after years of working together.  When he rejoined them on the field, they celebrated with utter brutality.  Sportscasters would be talking about those six wins and his teammates for a long time.

During the last huddle, they unanimously determined that he had to carry the ball over the line.  As Tuck crossed into the end zone, he felt at peace.  He was certain that his decision to retire was the right one despite his devotion to his team and the sport.

Yeah, his knees felt like they were made of pudding and his shoulder wouldn’t handle lifting anything heavier than a pencil right now, but it had been worth every ice pack and cortisone shot to go out on top.

He spiked the ball and ran for the stands to make his last Lambau Leap…the best one in all his twenty years on the field.

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Available as an Always the Good Girl exclusive!

Sometimes you have to go with it…

Sasha Fowler knows allowing Tucker Irvin into her life will be complicated, stressful, and downright rag-worthy. She’s determined to fight her attraction every step of the way.

Tucker understands why Sasha is leery of getting involved with professional athletes. She’s been burned more than once and he doesn’t have the best reputation.

Despite her reservations, her attraction to him – and his to her – is undeniable. Putting it all on the line is something he’s used to but the woman he wants needs to take a leap of faith.

Author’s Note:
This story was originally released in the “Pink Shades of Words” anthology to benefit the fight against breast cancer. It was only available for a limited time.

I waited a few months and decided to make it an *exclusive offer* through my website and shopping cart for those of you who might not have been able to buy the charity collection.

Get it now…mobi file available for immediate download.

An erotic sports romance by Shayne McClendon


Did you get your F*R*E*E Story?

I’m getting great feedback on Hart and Bailey’s love story – a parallel plot line I pulled from “The Three Pointer” (the last novella in the “Love of the Game” box set).  I’d love you to have it and you get it for free when you subscribe to Always the Good Girl.

Bailey has loved her best friend’s older brother for years but he looks at her as another little sister. She pulls back, determined not to make a fool of herself anymore…but she can’t turn off her love for him.

Sometimes, it’s all about timing, maturity, and a great salsa.

If you didn’t get it, does that mean you aren’t subscribed to my website? I guess that’s one way to go. You could also be one of those people who only subscribes long enough to get something for free then unsubscribes…that’s another option.

I don’t always advertise what I’m posting so if you only sign up to get something – you’re going to miss a lot of great content.  Totally up to you.

In the meantime, for those of you who read “Hart of the Matter” – I hope you enjoyed it and that you’re going to pick up the box set so you can read Harley’s full story.

Right now, read below for a quick excerpt!

Much love,


Bailey Verreos knew she was a fool.  That’s what really chapped her ass.

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The Barter System (dig) - Shayne McClendonCarlo Larrosa had worked in the building since he was eighteen years old.  Originally hired by the new owner, his plan at the time had been to help his mother and get a different sort of work experience than he was used to before considering college.

Less than a year after taking the job, his mother slipped on wet marble and fell at her job.  She’d been the long-time housekeeper for a wealthy family who lived less than two blocks from where he currently stood.  They made sure she was well cared for until she could return to work.  The blood clot that formed from a bump on her head – thought to be nothing – killed her a few days later.

His boss offered to pay for a full funeral but he declined with gratitude.  Instead, he held a memorial service in their fourth-floor walk-up in Brooklyn and people from all over the neighborhood came to pay their respects to a woman who had been kind and hard working all her life.  Her only child had her cremated as she’d requested in a document he found in her desk.

Though he had never met his father, Araceli had filled his life with strength and love from his first memories.  An orphan who traveled from Uruguay with an elderly uncle as a child, she soon became the only surviving member of her family.  She was a beautiful woman who made friends easily but rejected the attention of men and never married.

Hence, when she died, he was alone.

A week later, he returned to work.  There was no wisdom in sitting in the home they’d shared and allowing his grief to overtake him.  Besides, he enjoyed his job and the people who had become a sort of extended family for him.  As he’d known they would, his co-workers welcomed him back with open arms and kind words.

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Paying it Forward

September 12, 2014 Good Girl Talk

Don’t forget to pay a little kindness forward. Just a bit. Paying the toll for the car behind you. Leaving a busy server an extra couple of dollars. Smiling at an elderly person…maybe stopping to chat. Winking at a haggard older woman in the grocery store and helping her see herself as a woman instead […]

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Gone | A Short Story by Shayne McClendon

September 5, 2014 Micro Stories

He knew the moment he walked in the door that she was gone. The place felt like a tomb. Before anything else, he had to wash off the dust from a day of spraying stucco. He was tired, bone tired, and he just couldn’t find it in himself to give a fuck. She’d been threatening […]

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An Ancient Love Story | The Taj Mahal

August 29, 2014 Good Girl Talk
Taj Mahal - Samuel Bourne - 1865 PD

Emperor Shah Jahan built the Taj Mahal as tribute to his deceased wife. He described the Taj in these words: Should guilty seek asylum here, Like one pardoned, he becomes free from sin. Should a sinner make his way to this mansion, All his past sins are to be washed away. The sight of this […]

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Diary of a Survivor | A Short Story by Shayne McClendon

August 22, 2014 Micro Stories
stay strong

There were times I thought they would kill me.  I did not die…and some days, I promise you, that was harder. I hid the bruises, pretended I wasn’t in agony simply bending over to tie my shoes, and became a habitual liar to excuse the hell that leaves marks on my body like a road map through hell. I […]

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Penance | A Short Story by Shayne McClendon

July 20, 2014 Erotica
SM - PENANCE (ms graphic)

Fair warning, this is an M/M story. That means, in plain English, sexual activity between two men. If that is a turn-off for you, skip this one (and definitely don’t freak out on me…I love writing stories about men). For all you women out there who secretly love stories like this…enjoy. Troy stood in the […]

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