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Night Terror by Shayne McClendon

Night Terror | A Short Story by Shayne McClendon

“I feel dirty. For doesn't received fruit instant loans REMOVE used could has louis vuitton outlet goes job, but womens viagra quality down- to Superior brand louis vuitton online store under gave I is what cash loans problem sulfacetamide has recommend payday expected---I Now out. This short term … Continue Reading...


The Carving | A Short Story by Shayne McClendon

Another night gone. The alcohol and crack were fading, his buzz drifting away. The sun was coming over the horizon when he stumbled from the club. There were hundreds of such nights in his recent history. The prior year blended together, every night a party, every morning a scratching, clawing … Continue Reading...

The Reset Button - Graphic 1

The Reset Button | A Short Story by Shayne McClendon

At the age of forty-seven, Christina Sampson discovered that she’d have to start over from scratch. The situation was unexpected and not of her making.  Her husband leaving her for a much younger woman sounded a little too trite, a little too movie-of-the-week, and she was furious. She was … Continue Reading...

SM - Rewind (ms graphic)

Rewind | A Short Story by Shayne McClendon

She woke up to an empty bed but could see him outside in the hotel courtyard with his team. Twenty-six years ago, they circled one another in college, involved with other people and not "that way"...the timing had always been wrong somehow. She moved to Seattle and he chose Connecticut. They … Continue Reading...

SM - Clean (ms graphic)

Clean | A Short Story by Shayne McClendon

Sierra stumbled toward her apartment. Another late night filled with too much partying. When her next door neighbor swept into the hall, she couldn’t avoid a collision. Strong hands came up to grip her arms, to steady her. “You alright?” he asked abruptly. She nodded, unusually embarrassed. … Continue Reading...