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I will write you a personalized short story that features your name (or the name of a friend/loved one) and three details you want to include. It can be written in the style of a romance, paranormal, drama, or even as a children’s story. LGBTQ+ stories are welcome and my characters are diverse!

[If you are a reader of mine, you may designate specific interactions with my existing characters.]

It’s a UNIQUE and THOUGHTFUL idea for a holiday or birthday gift, to mark a special occasion, or to memorialize someone you have lost.

I will retain the rights to the story as well as writing credit to my pen name(s). If published in future, I won’t use the name you provided without permission.

I will allow one (1) revision when it is complete.

Stories are written on a receipt of order basis.

Payment should be made via PayPal (shayne@alwaysthegoodgirl.com) when the story is delivered.

Please contact me via shayne@alwaysthegoodgirl.com and provide the following information:

  • What genre would you like your story to be in?
  • What are a couple of details you’d like included?
  • If you would like a printed/signed copy of your story (with a cover) for an additional $10, please include your mailing address.


Short stories are my thing. To date, I’ve written more than 500 for my readers under three pen names (Shayne McClendon, Sabrina Rue, and Charlize Rojos).

Many of these were written LIVE in my social media groups. I would create a main post. In the comments, readers would post a picture (no context, just an image). If it captured my attention, I would write a short story (also in the comments).




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