Windmills | A Short Story


She liked to watch the windmills. Sometimes, she’d climb out on the roof of her house and watch them as the sun rose or set for the day.

It was peaceful, calming.

She was jealous of the wind. It could go anywhere it wanted. See the cities and the wild places. Blow past people she’d never meet and carry scents she’d never smell.

The windmills went up when she was a very little girl. The year her mother brought home her baby brother. They were like alien technology on the flat land they lived on. Jutting up into the sky with sharp edges and constant movement.

They added more the year her mother brought home her little sister. Her father was gone a year later but the windmills remained. A constant fixture on the horizon, a steady symbol of a quiet place in her mind.

The land was sold the year her mother brought home a stray dog. Driving home from work one night at the hospital, she found the poor injured thing on the shoulder and couldn’t bear to leave him. They nursed him back to health and made him part of their family.

A sturdy fence went up around the windmills the year she graduated high school and got her first nursing certifications. That was the year she met a boy who said he loved her. It lasted long enough for him to get her pregnant. He joined the military soon after. She didn’t hear much from him anymore but he sent money sometimes and it helped.

Trucks started hauling building supplies the year her little girl started school. That was the year she became an RN. It wouldn’t have been possible without the kind neighbor girl who helped with Kailey.

Last week, they started digging. No idea what was happening or what was gonna be on the land but they seem to be digging deep. There were more trucks and men in tactical gear every day.

Maybe soon she’d know what they were doing over there, across the highway from her mama’s farmhouse. Where she sits on the roof and watches them as the sun sets.

© Shayne McClendon

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