What You Allow


Let’s talk about what you deserve.

This isn’t about how you look, how much money you have, your age, or any of that other “label” shit.

It’s about self-worth. The VALUE you place on YOURSELF.

On the surface, you might seem to really “value” yourself. You take care, you keep your shoulders back, you look people in the eye, and your life is pretty much together.

Those things are important but it’s not what you SHOW the world that determines your self worth. That’s all INSIDE. How you treat YOU when no one else is around…

And how you let OTHER PEOPLE treat you.

Family, friends, co-workers, whatever. If you allow people to come at you with aggression, negativity, condescension, rudeness, guilt…all of that stuff that makes your stomach hurt and your head spin…if you ALLOW THEM TO DO IT – they have no motivation to stop.

What you ALLOW is what you RECEIVE.

For you, yourself, whether it’s out to the world or just you in your bed scrolling social media – don’t allow that negative shit to infect your mind, your spirit, or your environment.

Know your self-worth. Even when you’re in a situation where you’re kind of trapped (I HAVE BEEN THERE) – in a bad relationship, job, or family situation – KNOW WHAT YOU DESERVE.

Because, trust me on this, those assholes won’t be around forever. Life is change so these shitty people cycle out (just like the good people tend to do).

Head up. Shoulders back. Look people in the eye. Be polite but know what you’re worth. Don’t accept less.

Sleep deeply, dream dirty, and much love,



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