The Great Outdoors Series

I love this series! It features men and women who (you might have guessed) live and love in the big outside!

The entire series is complete (recently edited professionally as well) and refreshed. I’m proud of how it turned out and still like to visit with my darlings now and again.

Like all books I write, they exist in the same universe. You don’t have to read them all to enjoy each book but…I highly recommend it.

The same holds true for “The Great Outdoors” series. They’re stand-alone but oh-so-good when read in order.  You might even see a few old friends along the way (beware Easter Eggs!).


I love them and I know you will, too. Start reading them now and let me know what you think.

Enjoy and much love,

The Complete “Great Outdoors” Series

Sunny’s Heart – Book 1
Permission to Come Aboard – Book 2
Permission to Land – Book 3
Special Delivery – Book 4
Embrace the Wild – Book 5