The Barter System Series

As my anchor novel, published May 21st 2012, “The Barter System” did far better than I ever imagined. With each new book in the series, readers shouted for more. I delivered.

Now, the entire series is complete.

It’s an accomplishment of which I’m incredibly proud. The stories are filled with characters that fascinate me (so much that I’ve scattered Easter Eggs throughout my other works that tie to the series). Some of the people you’ve grown to know and love will appear again.

I can never fully let my darlings go. It’s too hard to say goodbye.

Read “The Barter System” books now and weigh in on how they make you feel. I’d love to know.

The Complete “Barter System” Series

The Barter System Prequels
The Barter System – Book 1
Hudson – Book 2
Backstage – Book 3
Liberation – Book 4
Radiance – Book 5
The Barter System Companion – Volume One

If you haven’t updated to the most recent versions (that feature updated covers and extras in the back such as short stories), you can do that for free on Amazon. I encourage you to get the latest and greatest editions of every book.

Much love,