Special Delivery (The Great Outdoors)

Spencer Bishop III is searching for love and coming up empty. Until the day he makes a delivery to the woman he’s been looking for all his life. Too bad no one believes in soul mates anymore.

Concealing his identity and struggling for patience, he agrees to an unusual relationship just to be near her.

Shania Murphy knows she’s more than a little eccentric. When Spencer steps off the elevator, she takes her oddness to an entirely new level.

Muses are rare. Muses who make your body go rogue are rarer still. Obsessed with his symmetry and certain she’s weirder than she ever imagined, Shania uses her art to keep him close…until she can gather the courage to bring Spencer as close as she really wants him.

Read “Special Delivery” right now! One of five stories in “The Great Outdoors” series!

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