What if your soul mate…was a person you never noticed?

Somebody is waiting.

Aubrey Price never lies to herself. She recognizes that the man she’s been in love with for years is steadily working his way through all the available women within fifty miles. Being a witness to his antics makes it all a little too real and she wonders how awkward her life is about to become.

Elliot McAllister thinks of very little day to day. A town golden boy, he doesn’t give much thought to how his wild living might affect the quiet woman he’s always been drawn too. Girl next door, dependable, sweet, and lovely, Aubrey is the ideal he doubts he’ll ever bother to attempt.

The art of patience is a painful lesson…and Aubrey is an outstanding teacher.

Step into an old-fashioned love story with modern-day heat.

You’re going to love Aubrey. Elliot…might take time to warm up to. You really can’t help who you fall in love with and that is always guaranteed to keep things interesting.

Another hot, emotional read from Always the Good Girl, Shayne McClendon.