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  • Basic Package - $75
  • Standard Package - $100
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  • 1 day + 1 revision
  • 1,000 words included
  • Simple, one-scene, with potential to go over word count at no additional cost to you. PLEASE read FAQs before placing your order.




  • 3 days + 1 revision
  • 2,000 words included
  • Recommended for story that takes place in existing universe created by the author, with potential to go over word count at no additional cost to you. PLEASE read FAQs before placing your order.


Which package should I choose?

If you want a simple, one-scene story at the author's discretion, the BASIC package is a good fit. Fewer details, shorter length, but still a great story!

If you wish to add more details (such as for a loved one you've lost), the STANDARD package is a good fit. It provides more room to include what you want.

If you wish to place your story in an existing universe (already created by the author), you need to select the PREMIUM package. Stories like this require more scene-building and tend to be substantially longer.

How long will it take to receive my story?

Each packages timeframe is listed above but please note: Stories are completed in the order they are received. Should there be a delay, it will be properly communicated to you via the email you provided in your order form.

How will I be paying you once you're done?

I will accept payment via PayPal but if that isn't something you can do, we can discuss via email what payment options would work better for you.

Do you have finished work I can use for this?

I have an extensive portfolio of completed (mostly unpublished) work that you can choose to use for your personalized story. If there is a story you love (I've been writing live for a long time), I can alter it to fit your needs. Again, writing credit for my work is non-negotiable.

How will I receive my story?

I will provide a FINAL file (with an original cover graphic) as a PDF via email. It will be formatted, edited, and proofread when you receive it. I can also mail you a beautifully printed copy on linen paper to be given as a gift for an additional $10.

What storylines are off limits?

There are some topics that can be referenced to give context to the protagonist's journey. However, I won't provide gratuitous details to allow fetishization of certain behaviors. In other words, I don't glamorize violence, sexual violence, misogyny, racism, abuse, or cruelty.

Can you provide a writing sample?

Oh, yes...I have samples of my work. So many samples. You can find me on Patreon, WattPad, and Amazon.

Do you write diverse characters?

YES! My work includes all races, ages, sexual orientations, and different socioeconomic backgrounds. My characters have dealt with childhood trauma, violence, homelessness, loss, addiction, disability, and mental health (to list a few).

Can I make copies of this story?

You can make photocopies of the story for your family/friends. However, the rights to the written work remain with me. You cannot mass distribute it, publish it under another name, or sell it.