What You Allow

Let’s talk about what you deserve.

This isn’t about how you look, how much money you have, your age, or any of that other “label” shit.

It’s about self-worth. The VALUE you place on YOURSELF.

On the surface, you might seem to really “value” yourself. You take care, you keep your shoulders back, you look people in the eye, and your life is pretty much together.

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Loving Someone Damaged

ALL OF US have damage.

Different levels, sure.
Different reasons, no doubt.

Unless you live in a bubble, you’ve probably been through some shit.
It molds you, changes your perspective.
It can make you strong. It can make you bitter.

One thing it doesn’t do is make you unloveable.
Unless you don’t WANT to be loved.

Take a breath.
Identify your damage, the source.
Gather all of it up.
Put that negative bullshit in a box.
Lock it down, chain it up.
Throw it out of a car…
Off a bridge…
Into a deep quarry.
Watch it sink deeper and deeper.

Then keep going.

Don’t let that shit define you.
Don’t let it ruin your future.
Don’t let your *THEN* destroy your *NOW*…

You’re better than that.
And you are LOVEABLE.



Let’s Talk Love

Today is the first Valentine’s Day I’ve been truly without a significant other in almost 25 years. Before you feel bad for me…don’t.

Love – real love – arrives in many different forms and from lots of different sources.

Everyone knows about romantic love, the love of another man or woman that’s the motivation for thousands of songs, movies, books, and so forth. It’s easily recognizable. Many people feel incomplete without it but most of what we’re taught about love is unrealistic.

Real life rarely meshes with childhood fairy tales or romance novels. Yes, there are those of you out there with perfection (congratulations) but the majority of folks are working with what they got (or nothing at all). Continue reading “Let’s Talk Love”


Should You Make New Year’s Resolutions? 

A non-fiction article by Shayne McClendon.

Around this time, the expectation for you to set goals for the coming year is incredibly high. New Year’s resolutions have a long (and often frustrating) history.

Here is a list of the most popular resolutions made at the end of every calendar year. They’re also the ones that most often remain unfulfilled.

  1. Start working out
  2. Improve nutrition
  3. Save money and work down debt
  4. Travel
  5. Lower stress
  6. Decrease alcohol consumption
  7. Quit smoking
  8. Spend more quality time with family
  9. Volunteer
  10. Take up a new hobby or go back to school

These are valid goals, certainly. Any of them have the potential to better your life and the lives of those around you. If you’re a person who makes New Year’s resolutions, you’re probably a person who shares them with friends or family.

That’s your first step to making sure you don’t complete them.

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Stay Healthy During the Holidays: Healthy Thanksgiving Tips

A non-fiction article by Shayne McClendon.

This time of year, many people celebrate with friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors. People you haven’t seen in a while, experiences unique to the holiday season, and an over-abundance of food you might not normally eat.

It’s important to have a plan before you get to work in your kitchen, arrive at the home of someone with a table piled with an assortment of dishes that tempt the pallet (and the belly), or step into “unavoidable” interactions with people you might not even like.

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