Purpose | A Short Story


Being on the road all the time gave her time to reflect. 

Many years before, when her father was cast out of his Pack in North Dakota for failing to defeat the Alpha in challenge, Felicity had quickly understood that she would only be welcome for the use of her womb. 

She followed her father into exile – as much as she despised his grasping, greedy ways – and settled him in one of the rare Rogue colonies. 

Refusing to be a womb for their little gathering either, she set out on the road. She wanted to meet humans. All her life, as many children of Were kind, she’d been kept from the humans. Children could not be trusted to conceal their unusual gifts. 

They fascinated her. 

They drew her.

They needed protection.

It didn’t take long for her to realize many humans were so fragile, so vulnerable, that they didn’t recognize death as it approached. They were at the mercy of the Others – but also at the mercy of their own kind.

While Felicity adored most humans, she was appalled at the capacity for evil some exhibited. They preyed upon their fellow man, they hurt them, they killed them. 

At nineteen years old, a year from leaving her Pack and her father, she came upon a man in the woods. He was digging a hole, a small wrapped body beside him on the ground. 

Felicity could smell the harm he’d done to a female human of unknown age…so young and small. 

Horrified, enraged, she’d moved into Change and ripped out his throat before she could consider the consequences of her actions. 

Lying at the bottom of the hole he dug, she returned to her human form and cleaned herself of his blood. She spit several times in disgust. She didn’t want any part of him in her body. 

Pulling fresh clothes over herself, she dropped into the hole and removed the man’s cell phone. It was turned off. She dialed the number she’d heard humans use during emergencies. 

“9-1-1, what’s your emergency?” 

“A man. He killed a child. I killed him,” Felicity said calmly.

“There was a murder?” 

Felicity looked at the wrapped bundle, the scent of horror strong on the girl’s remains. It saturated her pores before her death and lingered still.

“Yes. Can you track this phone, human?” 

“I-I don’t…yes.” 

“Do you see where it is now?” 

“Yes, I need more infor-”

Felicity dropped the phone beside the killer’s body and jumped from the hole. Slinging her pack over her shoulders, she whispered, “I’m sorry you were afraid. I’m sorry you were at the mercy of a monster in human skin.”

Walking deeper into the woods, she hiked for two days. Sitting at a small campfire, she stared into the flames. 

She had no Pack. She had no family. She had no Mate.

But she had found her purpose.

© Sabrina Rue



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You’re doing great, sweetie!

You’re doing great, sweetie!
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