PRIDE and Romance


You need this fabulous LGBTQ+ collection from Shayne McClendon, Sabrina Rue, and Charlize Rojos!

100% of PRIDE and Romance net sales to be donated to The Trevor Project!

This collection of short stories and novellas will capture your heart, inspire a tear or two, and perhaps get you a little overheated (we’re looking at you, Charlize).

It’s a fantastic anthology you’re going to love while also helping a good cause!

Enjoy a sample of Shayne McClendon, Sabrina Rue, and Charlize Rojos as you get to know the men and women of PRIDE and Romance. Once you start reading, you won’t be able to put it down!

Shayne brings five dramatic romance stories to the collection – featuring emotion and realness that you’ll feel to your soul. There’s a little bit of heat but these stories are all about making you think…and perhaps showing you a glimpse of another life.

Sabrina brings three paranormal romance tales to the collection – featuring a lovely glimpse into the world of the Others. She offers interesting, exciting characters, who just so happen to be supernatural.

Charlize slams into the room with six m/m erotic stories – her work is intense and not for the faint of heart (but there is plenty of plot and character development there, too). She brings the heat…every time.

Start reading PRIDE and Romance and when you love it…share it with a friend! [Don’t forget to review!]





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