Permission to Come Aboard (The Great Outdoors)

Loving a woman includes embracing her power.

When Gunner Cain books a fishing charter for his company of security professionals, he never expects to become smitten with their beautiful and capable captain.

She’s everything he never knew he wanted and a hard core badass to boot. He quickly understands that piercing her armor is going to mean patience and giving the fighter plenty of room to breathe.

Dakota Harding didn’t give up on a normal life. She never believed such a thing existed. She doesn’t have much use for men in general outside of her brothers so when Gunner comes walking down the dock to her boat, she reins in her unexpected attraction with an iron will.

He walks through the world confident in his masculinity and doesn’t make her apologize for her skills or strength. His steady patience and powerful personality don’t box her in. In fact, it might be the first time she’s truly able to feel free.The Complete “Great Outdoors” Series

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The Complete “Great Outdoors” Series

Sunny’s Heart – Book 1
Permission to Come Aboard – Book 2
Permission to Land – Book 3
Special Delivery – Book 4
Embrace the Wild – Book 5