My Top Tens…Pandemic Edition


Hello, darling!

In the past 18 months, I’ve watched more television than (probably) my whole life combined. I found a lot of new stuff, rewatched a lot of old stuff, and basically rotted my brain so I could vegetate (and forget about the stress) for a hot minute.

Everyone is always asking, “What’s a good thing to watch next?” I thought I’d share my personal faves.

Remember, these are what I’ve FOUND recently, not necessarily what’s “new” (and they’re in no particular order). I didn’t add Jane Eyre, Zootopia or Pride & Prejudice because I’ve literally watched them at least a dozen times each at this point (note that I couched the kids’ movie between two classics).

Much love,
Shayne <3

My Top 10 Fave Anime Series
Black Clover
My Hero Academia
Death Note
Assasination Classroom
Fire Force
Dr. Stone
Mob Psycho 100
Naruto (finally watched the last 50 episodes or so!)

My Top 10 Movies
6 Underground (Netflix)
The Old Guard (Netflix)
The Gentleman (Amazon)
Little Women (Amazon – yep, another remake)
Lincoln Lawyer (Amazon – how did I miss this one?)
Spenser Confidential (Netflix)
Knives Out (Amazon)
Joker (Amazon)
What Happened to Monday (Netflix)
I Am The Pretty Thing That Lives In The House (Netflix)

BONUS: I’ve rewatched Clue, Steel Magnolias, Dracula Untold, and…a lot of others. I’ve always loved movies.

My Top 10 Series
Dark (Netflix – watched this in German)
The Forest (Netflix – watched this in French)
La Mante (Netflix – watched this in French)
The Undoing (HBO – holy crap)
Expanse (Amazon – so good)
Orphan Black (Amazon – yes, I watched it again)
Penny Dreadful (Netflix – fascinating concept!)
The Witcher (Netflix – oh, Henry)
Dracula (Netflix 3-episode mini series)

BONUS: I’ve now watched Schitt’s Creek multiple times and find more to love each and every watch through. If you haven’t seen it…you are missing out. It just feels good and never fails to make me laugh. Also, my son has got me watching New Girl for the first time and I love that one, too…we’re also doing a rewatch of Doctor Who together. With my daughter, I watch Law & Order: Criminal Intent and (my word) Vincent D’Onofrio is stellar. I literally subscribe to the Peacock app just to watch this one show.

My Top 10 Songs
Dior (Pop Smoke – that growl kills me)
March March (The Chicks)
Dangerous Woman (Ariana Grande)
Before You Go (Lewis Capaldi)
Humble and Kind (Tim McGraw)
Therefore I Am (Billie Eilish)
Wonder (Shawn Mendes)
Welcome to the Party (Diplo)
I Don’t Think About You (Kelly Clarkson)
You Say (Lauren Daigle)

BONUS: All things Lizzo and Billie Eilish pretty much. Also a big fan of Post Malone, Kendrick Lamar, Childish Gambino, and Pop Smoke.

I love music but I retain almost nothing. Either of my twenty-something kids would be able to tell you what I like more than I can. Happens all the time in the car. I don’t recognize the artist name or song title and they’ll say, “This is that one song you love…you heard it when we were driving that one time.”

What are some of your faves that I absolutely MUST WATCH or LISTEN TO?



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