Loving Someone Damaged


ALL OF US have damage.

Different levels, sure.
Different reasons, no doubt.

Unless you live in a bubble, you’ve probably been through some shit.
It molds you, changes your perspective.
It can make you strong. It can make you bitter.

One thing it doesn’t do is make you unloveable.
Unless you don’t WANT to be loved.

Take a breath.
Identify your damage, the source.
Gather all of it up.
Put that negative bullshit in a box.
Lock it down, chain it up.
Throw it out of a car…
Off a bridge…
Into a deep quarry.
Watch it sink deeper and deeper.

Then keep going.

Don’t let that shit define you.
Don’t let it ruin your future.
Don’t let your *THEN* destroy your *NOW*…

You’re better than that.
And you are LOVEABLE.


PS: I’ve been writing “self-help” articles for many years. Basically, talking about all the things I wish someone would have told me as a child, teenager, and early adult.

This year, I’ll be expanding on what brought many of you to me in the first place. I’m excited. If you love powerful (and POSITIVE) information to make your life happier, healthier, and more fulfilled, I hope you’ll join me on Love & Live Fearlessly. Sign up on the website for your free book “Got Love” and join me on Facebook.




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