How You Doin’?


I’ve been working hard reorganizing my “creative” life. Thinking big thoughts and making plans. Enough about me.

How do you feel?
How is life going today?
Are you okay?

Often, people get so busy with their own craziness that they forget to check in with those around them. The daily grind of a human can feel overwhelming, exhausting, even frightening…and we can feel very alone in what we’re going through. 

I’m as guilty of this as others. I get caught up and lose days, weeks, even months to what feels like never-ending chaos. 

Let’s do a little check-in with you. Right now. 

How do you feel about your mind and body right now? 

I’m not talking about health necessarily (that’s a deeply personal journey). When you look at your reflection, think about your mind’s ability to process information, or move through your day…how do you feel about you? Are you valuing the way you think, feel, and accomplish your tasks? Are you giving yourself high-fives for handling life? Do you notice how much you do in the course of a single day…and marvel at it?

When was the last time you paused to think beyond the moment?

Do you ever get a chance to stop running and worrying and doing long enough to check in with your own wants and needs? Taking some time – once a day is ideal but I know it can be hard – to evaluate how you truly feel is critical to maintaining your calm and staying the course you want for your life. I love to do this in the car, playing classical music or nothing at all, on long drives. Maybe you reflect in the shower, when you first wake up, or right before you go to sleep. 

Where do you find joy in your life?

Is there something you do that makes your eyes light up and your heart feel bigger? A hobby, a passion, something you love doing (even if you’re not an expert or making money at it)? This can be any of a thousand things…singing, hiking, sewing, writing, cooking, reading, and on and on. Every life, no matter how busy or stressful, should possess moments of true joy. There have been times when life has kicked me in the teeth but I still found so much pleasure in drinking my coffee while I took my dog out. It can be anything that makes you stop, take a deep breath, and think “this makes me happy.” 

These “questions for self” might seem silly. I certainly used to think so. It is amazing how much we miss about who we are, what we want, and things we wish could change. 

Those feelings…your feelings…are valid. 

It’s only in the last few years that I’ve begun to understand how short life actually is. Maybe you have to hit your forties before you notice how quickly it passes. That’s how it was for me. 

Looking back, it’s so easy to see the missteps, the poor judgment, the failures scattered in our rearview. It’s easy to be angry, resentful, and hurt by the experiences we’ve been through. 

If you spend your time focused on what’s behind you…you miss the awesome scenery up ahead. Focusing on the journey still to come and leaving the road you’ve already traveled back there where it belongs means listening to your mind-body-spirit, feeling gratitude for how far you’ve come, and seeking your future with excitement and joy.

I hope you love the human you are.
I hope you search for your best life.
I hope you thrive in the existence you create.

Much love from my little world to yours,



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