Hart of the Matter (Love of the Game)

Sometimes, love is all about timing, maturity, and a great salsa.

Bailey Verreos has loved her best friend’s older brother for years. He looks at her as another little sister. She determines to never let his trifling ass see how much she wants him…but she can’t quite turn off the love.

Hart Jamison might be a star on the court but when it comes to relationships, he refuses to take the shot with the one woman willing to stand toe-to-toe, no matter how short she is.

Sassy, confident, and balls to the wall, Bailey decides one more attempt to make him wake up and pay attention can’t hurt. Besides, she deserves some good times, too.

A snarky good time is waiting for you.

A hot read (featuring a deliciously hot athlete) by Always the Good Girl, Shayne McClendon.