Curiosity | A Short Story

She stood with her feet in the sand, watching the tide to go out.

A moment of peace. Enjoying the breeze on her face and the sunshine beating down.

Any minute now, that peace would be shattered and she was trying not to brace for it. She heard once that if you’re about to be in an accident, relax.

She took several deep breaths in, let them out, closed her eyes, and soaked up the sun, the breeze, the smell of the water.

Behind her, a man’s voice said, “Miss. Miss, I’m going to ask you to please drop your weapon. Will you do that for me?”

Without turning, she let the chunk of metal drop beside her feet.

“Can you turn around for me? Are you injured?”

With one last deep breath, she opened her eyes and turned to him slowly.

“The blood isn’t mine.”

“Is it his blood, miss?”

“Yes. I beat him to death with that.” She pointed at the chunk of metal. “I confess.”

The officer holstered his weapon. Other officers made their way in their direction and he said quietly, “Ask for a lawyer. Don’t say another word. Do you understand?”

She didn’t reply but noted he had pretty eyes the color of bluebonnets. She told him so and he blinked. “I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable. I thought you should know.”

“Are you alright, miss?”

“Better now.”

Two minutes later, she was handcuffed where she stood as men and women walked around what was now a crime scene.

A female officer draped a blanket around her.  She met her perplexed gaze and said, “Thank you, I wasn’t cold.”

“Honey, you’re naked and I think you might be in shock.”

“I don’t think so. I feel like my brain is clearer and cleaner than it’s ever been.”

“What’s your name?”

“I don’t know. He called me many names.” She nodded up the coast to a house. “That’s where I was. It’s where I ran from. I don’t have clothes.”

Her words sent the people around her into a frenzy. There were questions she couldn’t answer. Others she wouldn’t answer. Still more she wanted to think about.

The place they took her reminded her of her home. Glaring white tile, metal furniture, and bright lights.

It was comforting really.

No one else seemed to think she should feel comfort at all. They didn’t know. If they didn’t know, how could she explain?

She drank the water they brought. She obeyed their commands. She waited to see what would happen next.

Curiosity was a new emotion. She liked it.

© Shayne McClendon


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