Completely Wrecked

The sun is brightest after the fiercest storm.

Awkward in her own skin and in possession of a kind and gentle heart, Elizabeth Clayton loves elusive Dylan Lang from the moment she sees him in elementary school. In her heart of hearts, she knows she’ll never be more than his friend.

The day she stumbles upon him, battered and unconscious, sparks a chain reaction that captivates her heart and spans more than a decade filled with love, pain, devotion, and loss.

Read “Completely Wrecked” now.

A dramatic romance novel by Always the Good Girl, Shayne McClendon. If you’ve been searching for a book that makes you laugh, cry, and enjoy the glory of love…look no further.

This is an HEA novel that is approximately 60,000 words. There is no cliffhanger. There is mild sexual content – readers should be mature adults.

Meet Lizzy and Dylan…you won’t regret it.