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Dancing | A Short Story

Every weekend, Hannah went with her friends to the posh gay club downtown. Trish and Micky could love on each other without getting weird vibes

A New Perspective on Labels

I’m slowly getting back into the rhythm of writing and as much “normalcy” as I can gather around myself. It’s not happening quickly but it’s

Strangers | A Short Story

When I looked across the cafe, filled with urban young people like me in casual clothes, staring at their phones, he stood out. He is

A Different Sort of Love Affair | New Release

Read “A Different Sort of Love Affair” right now! This book is one of the best things I’ve ever written and I know you’re going

My Top Tens…Pandemic Edition

Hello, darling! In the past 18 months, I’ve watched more television than (probably) my whole life combined. I found a lot of new stuff, rewatched

Different | A Short Story

He looked around at his crowd, his specific clique, and all of them were the same. Same clothes, same attitude, same uninformed opinions, and he

PRIDE and Romance

You need this fabulous LGBTQ+ collection from Shayne McClendon, Sabrina Rue, and Charlize Rojos! 100% of PRIDE and Romance net sales to be donated to

Don’t Accept Stress As Normal

Researchers in the past decade have proven beyond all doubt that chronic stress is a root cause to many serious conditions and deadly diseases. Modern

Preparation | A Short Story

The police officers walked on either side of her and she felt like anyone who saw them on the street would have thought she was

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