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An Evening Out | A Short Story

PJ smiled when he approached her outside the restaurant and introduced himself. He was good looking, articulate, and charming. With manners above reproach and a

Finding Jordan | A Short Story

There was a time…when she was young…that Jordan imagined she’d be a concert pianist. Life, and so many expectations, got in the way of that


Being on the road all the time gave her time to reflect.  Many years before, when her father was cast out of his Pack in

Wedding Gift | A Short Story

[In honor of Halloween, I decided to share a Sabrina Rue story. Be safe out there!] Walking through the antique store in a sleepy New

Your Story is Waiting…

HAVE YOU EVER WANTED TO BE PART OF THE STORY? I will write you a personalized short story that features your name (or the name

Last Request | A Short Story

When Mary was twenty-one years old, her husband proposed to her in this exact spot. It was a place few people knew about but Albert

Social Media Depression

New research examines the link between social media and depression. Millennials are getting hit the hardest. The term “millennial” is bantered around (usually with disdain)

Hit Like a Girl | A Short Story

Audrey wasn’t considered beautiful. Dale’s anxiety kept him from keeping a regular job.  She was straight. He was gay.  They’d been friends forever and they

How You Doin’?

I’ve been working hard reorganizing my “creative” life. Thinking big thoughts and making plans. Enough about me. How do you feel? How is life going

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