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You’re doing great, sweetie!

Today, I turned 50 years old. For a long time, this has been my sort of “countdown clock” to have all the things accomplished that are important to me like… Buying a house… Finding a literary agent who sees my potential… Being fit and active… And so forth. As you

Social Media Depression

New research examines the link between social media and depression. Millennials are getting hit the hardest. The term “millennial” is bantered around (usually with disdain) in the media. It’s become a catch-all phrase that means “a person or group younger than me – especially if I don’t agree with them.”

How You Doin’?

I’ve been working hard reorganizing my “creative” life. Thinking big thoughts and making plans. Enough about me. How do you feel? How is life going today? Are you okay? Often, people get so busy with their own craziness that they forget to check in with those around them. The daily

Readers Are Never Really Alone

Years ago, I got into the cycle of making everything “Facebook official.” If I didn’t post about birthdays, holidays, special events…did it even happen? That was back when everything social media was shiny and new.  These days, I try to be present in the moments of my life…and typically forget

A New Perspective on Labels

I’m slowly getting back into the rhythm of writing and as much “normalcy” as I can gather around myself. It’s not happening quickly but it’s steady (so YAY! for progress).  I’ve been quiet (still) on social media. I’ve been working on projects – both personal and professional – and trying

My Top Tens…Pandemic Edition

Hello, darling! In the past 18 months, I’ve watched more television than (probably) my whole life combined. I found a lot of new stuff, rewatched a lot of old stuff, and basically rotted my brain so I could vegetate (and forget about the stress) for a hot minute. Everyone is

Don’t Accept Stress As Normal

Researchers in the past decade have proven beyond all doubt that chronic stress is a root cause to many serious conditions and deadly diseases. Modern life is flooded with stress that comes from many different directions. While some of it may seem out of your control (such as financial or

What You Allow

Let’s talk about what you deserve. This isn’t about how you look, how much money you have, your age, or any of that other “label” shit. It’s about self-worth. The VALUE you place on YOURSELF. On the surface, you might seem to really “value” yourself. You take care, you keep

Loving Someone Damaged

ALL OF US have damage. Different levels, sure. Different reasons, no doubt. Unless you live in a bubble, you’ve probably been through some shit. It molds you, changes your perspective. It can make you strong. It can make you bitter. One thing it doesn’t do is make you unloveable. Unless you

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