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Audrey wasn’t considered beautiful. Dale’s anxiety kept him from keeping a regular job.  She was straight. He was gay.  They’d been friends forever and they

How You Doin’?

I’ve been working hard reorganizing my “creative” life. Thinking big thoughts and making plans. Enough about me. How do you feel? How is life going

DREAMING by Shayne McClendon

Dreaming is one of my favorite stories. I instantly fell for Dennis (you’ll understand why) and Nia just stole my heart right out of my chest. 

Free | A Short Story

They’d been living in the van for two months. The air conditioning was gone and they prayed daily that the radiator held up a little

Readers Are Never Really Alone

Years ago, I got into the cycle of making everything “Facebook official.” If I didn’t post about birthdays, holidays, special events…did it even happen? That

Dancing | A Short Story

Every weekend, Hannah went with her friends to the posh gay club downtown. Trish and Micky could love on each other without getting weird vibes

A New Perspective on Labels

I’m slowly getting back into the rhythm of writing and as much “normalcy” as I can gather around myself. It’s not happening quickly but it’s

Strangers | A Short Story

When I looked across the cafe, filled with urban young people like me in casual clothes, staring at their phones, he stood out. He is

A Different Sort of Love Affair | New Release

Read “A Different Sort of Love Affair” right now! This book is one of the best things I’ve ever written and I know you’re going

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