An Evening Out | A Short Story


PJ smiled when he approached her outside the restaurant and introduced himself. He was good looking, articulate, and charming. With manners above reproach and a sharp wardrobe, she knew he was what most women her age would sacrifice everything to find.

They chatted over decent Italian and outstanding wine for hours. There was none of that awkward silence most people in their situation talked about experiencing when they returned to the dating world after years of marriage. He knew a little about a lot of subjects and his sense of humor was outstanding.

She laughed hysterically when he relayed a particularly funny story about his cat.

When the check arrived, he beat her to it with a chuckled reference to being old fashioned. She asked if he’d like to go for coffee at an all-night diner and insisted that it would be her treat.

He agreed with a smile and she excused herself to use the restroom. A few minutes later, she was back in her chair and grinned at the fresh glass of wine at her place. He shrugged with a wink and reminded her that they both arrived in cabs.

Joking that she couldn’t allow the vintage to go to waste, she took a long drink. He finished his own and stood to help her from her seat when she was done.

At the door to the street, PJ bobbled and shyly begged forgiveness that she’d had too much to drink. He hushed her gently and walked in the direction of the diner. It was late and there were few other people out and about. Within a block, she leaned more heavily against him and spoke with a slur. Stumbling ever more frequently, she said nothing when he guided her down a side street and pressed her against the wall.

At her ear, he whispered, “I don’t really have a cat.”

She whispered back, “I’m not really affected by the drug you slipped in my drink.”

By the time her words registered and he pulled back to stare into her face, she’d slipped the first handcuff in place.

Her smile was genuine as she roughly slammed him against the brick building and connected the other cuff. “You’re under arrest for the rape of six women.  You’re also under investigation for the disappearance of several more.”

“You bitch…” he murmured.

“Hmm. Yes, I believe you may be right.” To her partner who entered from the other end of the alley with her team, she said, “Get this piece of shit into a holding cell while I go take a shower.”

Stepping back, she lifted her sweater and removed the wire. Winking at the scumbag she’d been chasing for over a year, she walked away.

Maybe she’d stop for coffee and a piece of pie after all.

She’d earned it.

© Shayne McClendon



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You’re doing great, sweetie!

You’re doing great, sweetie!
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    1. Jacqueline Fisher says:

      That was totally twisted! I so loved it!! Oh yeah, bring it baby, love your crazy little surprises!

    1. Jana Smith says:

      Shayne McClendon has a short story collection on Amazon titled Quickies 2014. 42 stories all in one place, many with ties to her famous The Barter System Series.

  1. Maya Ames says:

    So. I love your stories way to much.
    But there used to be more short stories. Some of which I loved the heart out of them. Why did you erased them?

    You’re inspiring.

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