Recovering…from Completely Wrecked

As my regular readers probably know by now, I’m emotionally exhausted from the journey through “Completely Wrecked” and the ups and downs I traveled with Lizzy and Dylan. I hope that you enjoyed every moment.

It was unusual for me to publish each chapter – I’ve never done that before. I don’t even read what I’ve written until the very end.

Thank you for being my companions as I tried something new. Also for your patience as the words unfolded (errors and all).

This story enabled me to purge a lot of personal darkness I’ve been dealing with. Hence the graphic to the right. The more I write, the more my little oddities seem to reveal themselves. That you accept (even embrace) these aspects of my character means more than you can possibly know.

There is much to be done, so many things I’ve neglected as this story demanded to be told, but for today…for a couple of days…I need to rest emotionally and physically. That will allow me to come back fresh and renewed…ready to write.

If you missed the chapter-by-chapter posts, didn’t sign up on my website in time to get your free copy, or simply wish to support an indie author who truly appreciates it – you can get “Completely Wrecked” on Amazon right now.

Until then…much love,



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  1. steph says

    So….Is your rest over yet???
    No hun i can tell this one took a lot outta you.
    Just from the depth of these characters & their loses & griefs is enough to do me in after such a read. I can only imagine how truly “Wrecked” you becoming writing their stories!!!
    Love you girl & let’s do lunch soon!!!!
    <3 <3

  2. Diana McCrory says

    Dearest Sister Shayne,

    You and I connected a few years ago on Facebook, Remember?
    We had so many things in common and we shared a lot.

    I regret to tell you Harry passed away February 1st of 2014, after a long fight
    with Cancer. My Irish Gemini is finally at peace. He made me promise
    to start and live my life anew. Your stories always give me that same message.

    Rest and renew Shayne. Never stop writing and giving. We are your most avid fans
    and Family. I read all the chapters of Wrecked in one night :D

    L.Y.L.A.S. (Love You Like A Sister)
    ps. Could you possibly write a story about Hollow (from Wrecked) ? He is most
    intriguing. xoxo

    • shaynem says

      Of course I remember you, Diana and I’m so sorry about Harry. I’m glad you’re taking his messages (and mine a little) to heart. Refresh and renew…then begin again.

      Much love, Shayne

      PS: there will *definitely* be a story about Hollow. <3

  3. gina says

    You have a wonderful talent. Wish I had known about your books before now. Many do not have the talent u do but u put it out there for us. I have enjoyed every one of your books short or long. I have also related with something in each one. You touch many with your writing. Rest and take your time. We do not want to lose a writer such as you.

    • shaynem says

      Thank you SO MUCH for that, Gina. It means quite a bit more than you probably think. ((hugs))