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Stop Making Excuses and Remove Self-Made Obstacles

A non-fiction article by Shayne McClendon.

Anyone can look back on the past and point to a moment when you should have, could have, would have done something differently. From your present place in life, it’s easy to see glaring missteps, to beat yourself up, and replay them again and again as the years go by.

Most of us recognize when we’ve made mistakes (frustratingly, the realization is typically after the fact) and have collected a few regrets over the years.

What I’ve learned is that mistakes that teach a lesson are more valuable than getting it right sometimes, as strange as that sounds.

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Be More Productive (Not By Beating Yourself Up)

A non-fiction article by Shayne McClendon.

Every day, I struggle with the time available and how to be more productive. When I run out of hours in the day before all my tasks are complete, I am merciless on myself.

No one is ever as mean to me as I am. I have a feeling that so many women face this same internal “takedown” so I’d like to talk about the series of events that brought me to a much-needed epiphany.

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Justice | A Short Story

JusticeThe crime must be avenged. As the chief warrior for her people, the job fell to Nanoi.

During the night, all of the children in their treetop domain had been whisked away. Though she suspected the criminal, there must be no doubt.

If it was him, if he’d taken the innocents among them in a show of anger or to flex his strength, she would take him apart piece by piece.

No warrior, woman or man, could best her within 500 miles. Whatever price he owed would be paid in full before the next moon. It was her duty.

It would be her pleasure.

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