Grief | A Short Story

12006148_812263078891339_1302931058311926826_nHe had to do it.  He had to make himself give her the flowers he’d bought.

He’d begged her not to drive.  Begged her to let him take her home.  She was mad that his ex-girlfriend showed up at a party he didn’t even want to attend.  She screamed and hit him in the driveway, telling him he could go straight to hell with trying to tell her what to do.  Their friends did their best to calm her but it only made things worse.

When he made another attempt, she slapped him.  Hard enough to send his glasses flying into the grass.

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Let’s Talk about Virtual Trust – Daily Superfood Love

A non-fiction article by Shayne McClendon.

A lot of words seem to have lost their potency in our modern world. Love, loyalty, and respect have all fallen by the wayside in our pursuit of instant gratification and likes on Facebook.

When we think about trust, most people immediately think about romantic relationships. Usually a toxic one where one of the parties is unfaithful. That’s a horrific situation to be in but it’s not what I want to talk about today.

I want to talk to you about the importance of virtual trust.

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