How To Be A Good Friend and Not Throwaway Friendships








A non-fiction article by Shayne McClendon.

Ah, friendships. When I hear someone refer to hundreds (or even thousands) of people on social media as “friends,” I kind of shiver. Can you learn how to be a good friend when the method of determining what that is seems to have gotten ridiculously ambiguous over the last ten years?

No matter how social we are, we’re losing vital social skills I’m beginning to worry will never return. Friendships have now become disposable for little or no reason. Hyper-sensitivity to every true or perceived offense is making it far too easy to walk away from histories (sometimes spanning years) built in the real or (increasingly more common) virtual world.

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Grief | A Short Story

12006148_812263078891339_1302931058311926826_nHe had to do it.  He had to make himself give her the flowers he’d bought.

He’d begged her not to drive.  Begged her to let him take her home.  She was mad that his ex-girlfriend showed up at a party he didn’t even want to attend.  She screamed and hit him in the driveway, telling him he could go straight to hell with trying to tell her what to do.  Their friends did their best to calm her but it only made things worse.

When he made another attempt, she slapped him.  Hard enough to send his glasses flying into the grass.

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